Setting rafters

Setting rafters

Roof rafter device the complex system of the building. Setting rafter implies not only a strong and reliable setting rafters but also the probability to carry out complex engineering solutions.

Rafters are the ribs of the skeleton structure, so their installation it is time-consuming and very significant part of the work. Place rafters, different sizes, and shapes. Separate the two type rafters, rafter with intermediate support and hanging. Rafters with intermediate support are based on two or three legs, hanging connected with nails or bolts.

On the pent roof rafters with intermediate support rest their ends on the external or internal support. Driving between the supports may become 4.5 m. Under the rafters give the stay while passing from 5 to 6 m. If the big stage, between the supports, set sub-diagonal. Typically, large spans shaped hanging rafters. The lower ends of the hanging rafters rely on the wall, and the upper bound to each other in the ridge, feather tongue or half-lap. The rafters cut one bolt dovetail half-lap because of this they do not bend to the strength and reliability of their staples. These rafters are a simple design and complex. Simple design consists of two trusses, which are fixed to a horizontal bar tightening. Tightening connects rafters, the higher it is, the reliability of its connection. If the span more than 8 meters, mounted rack with braces head.

Rafters with intermediate support and hanging rafters can be alternated, when installing rafters on several spans only one rafter construction. In places where the supports used and in places without intermediate supports hanging rafters.

Installation of rafters depends on the roof construction and is carried out on a variety of technologies. Setting rafters perform special fasteners

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