Frame of roof

The construction is widely used pitched roofs. Rationally arrange pitched roofs in regions where the rich precipitation. The slope of the ramps allows free roof from a different load. Pitched roofs have proven themselves as internal bearing device rafter system with an external part the roof. Such roofs are quite beautiful in appearance, they fit perfectly in any exterior landscape. For their devices use a variety of roofing materials that can be used to perform any architectural plans. Pitched roofs is a simple roof, span roof, much roof.

The firm "MED" offers manufacturing services of wooden truss systems, virtually any level of complexity, in any configuration and under all types of roofs.

The basis of frame systems of the roof is special roof trusses that connect the nodes fasteners. Roof trusses a rugged triangle consisting of themselves rafters, struts, and brace, which is made from a template, securely fastened to each other, and then mounted on the roof. In modern facilities trusses, using pillars and rafters, replacing traditional connections.

Frame of roof

The main advantages of rafter "MED" produced by:

  • Proper design and professional production allow making roof truss system in full accordance with the project, the absolute dimensional accuracy to the millimeter.
  • Guaranteed reliability and durability.
  • Environmentally friendly

Roof frame is manufactured in modern, automated equipment, from high-quality wood. Rafters can withstand seismic loads, wind loads and snow loads.

If you want to order the wooden rafters, roof trusses, please contact the managers of our company. We offer the highest quality at the best prices, as well as to achieve the desired result in the smallest deadlines.