Building of the wooden cottages

Building of the wooden cottages

The building of the wooden cottages is becoming a promising and sought-after type of business. The promise of this trend depends directly on the quality of life in the country. Now the circle of people formed in Ukraine, which is a comfortable accommodation is available.

During the building of the wooden cottages use only environmentally friendly material. Since the level of consumer demand increases, to manufacture the new wood processing technologies, advanced construction projects, and new equipment.

According to scientists, we spend 80% of life indoors. Artificial and chemical materials have on our health is a negative impact. If you have decided on the construction of a wooden cottage, then, you want to contribute to the improvement and promotion of the use of environmentally friendly technologies and materials. Wooden houses are the perfect humidity conditions.

Our specialists are closely monitoring the demand for wooden houses. In accordance with the requirements of the most popular, we prepare original and interesting projects for the construction of wooden houses. Ordered the construction of your home with us, you will appreciate the perfect balance of price and quality. Features of the projects involve the use of the cottages for a family holiday, the use of the house for the receiving guests, residence.

Building of the wooden cottages

During the construction of wooden houses are a comfortable and compact house. At the customer's request, the project entered a large living room, office, bedroom, terrace, technical rooms. Given the different material possibilities, our experts can offer small projects economy-class houses for a rural getaway. Separately, next to the main house can be located the guest house.

Today, there is a few wooden cottages construction technology. For our clients, we can offer construction of houses made of glued, rounded or shaped timber.

The process of cottage construction alike working with the designer. All logs should be stacked neatly and according to the rules. If the log incorrectly processed, this can lead to cracking and disruption of the structure. Right round logs and skills of installers the key to successful development.