Log cabin of cylindered beam

Log cabin of cylindered beam

The popularity of log houses made of logs due to the peculiarities of the material. Logs, cylindered with special equipment, are perfectly smooth, logs diameter of the same, which is very important for the construction. After treatment, logs are brighter, more saturated color, and appearance attractive.

Houses made of logs cabins can be built without a foundation since they are different seismic resistance. If the frame is made by all the rules, in line with the technology, it can stay for at least 70 years. During the construction must take into account the physical properties of the timber. Wood retains heat for a long time. Walls can be much thinner than the brick, but the building will be kept warm.

For a more precise adjustment of logs cabins for houses made of logs with a special equipment their surface is cut, mark in the form of spikes. When connecting these logs, they fit snugly and easily adjusted. The wall becomes solid and durable.

Our company works with the best loggers and timber manufacturers. For our houses made of logs cabins, we process the wood in their own production facilities. All materials and equipment comply with European and international standards.

Houses made of log cabins being built in accordance with ancient folk technology. The logs are laid on a layer of hemp or flax fibers. With more caulking, your home is fully protected from any gusts of wind and drafts. At the same time retain the logs to breathe, which has a positive impact on the residents of the house. During the construction, we do not use corrosive chemicals or harmful to human health materials.

Log cabin of cylindered beam

During design your log house made of logs, our specialists take into account the features of home and age characteristics of its inhabitants. A number of rooms and their location can offer customers, or make a selection from existing projects. Besides the house, we can build a gazebo, farm buildings, playgrounds, guest houses and other buildings of wood. On request, we provide recommendations for your home care.

If you want to make a safe investment in the housing, you have the desire to live a healthy lifestyle, to exclude from use all harmful substances, log houses made of logs and profiled timber the perfect start to this difficult path. After living for a few days in a new home, you will no longer want to be cramped brick or block walls. Start a new life to our homes! The unique folk style combined with high-quality material to make your home a subject of admiration and a role model. We work for our clients!