Round logs

Round logs

Round logs passed machining on specialized equipment, then it takes a certain shape. All logs have the same profile and diameter along the entire length, allowing you to quickly and accurately build the necessary structure. The very essence of the process cylinder logs is to get rid of loose zones of raw materials, and as a result, we get the whole, solid timber, ready for use.

As a rule, for the manufacture of round logs used pine, as it is this wood species, the most successful approaches in its technical and mechanical characteristics.

Stages of processing logs:

  • timber processing to achieve the desired profile
  • grooves
  • facing logs on the machine
  • production of pieces of the desired length

Impregnation of timber the protective coating from the aggressors of the environment

Round logs

The impregnation process and processing of logs are important not only in the construction of houses but also any other milking facilities construction are also very important, since the raw material still vulnerable to aggressors.

Wood building and the construction of structures made of logs takes the shortest possible time, in fact, the very process of installation does not require heavy equipment. This material is very popular in the construction of country cottages, houses, baths, arbors, etc. the main advantage is the environmental friendliness of the material that "breathes", creates a special, favorable climate, has a positive effect on the health and well-being of man.

Building a house made of round logs are not only cost-effective and efficient but also at times practical, rather than the construction of a brick house. You save considerably on the material, manpower, and most importantly on the internal and external finishing works. Wood a natural, beautiful material, with natural texture, which is prestigious and gives a view of the interior and exterior of a special kind.