Rafter processing

Rafters this is the main load-bearing part of the roof of the entire device. Choosing the material for the rafters, you should pay attention to the architecture and design of the house, as well as on the fact that the wood is the one of the most ecological and reliable, tested human experience, raw materials.

Among the diverse properties of wood, it must be emphasized that there are also such as resistance to moisture and rot. Often comes a problem what kind should be the rafters processing to enhance qualities. All this is available through special formulations used for coatings and impregnating wood.

The firm "MED" manufactures custom high-quality, reliable, rafters, beams rafters at the best prices. Beam, rafter an environmentally friendly material for building and finishing works, which virtually confirmed rot, has excellent durability and high performance. We offer the production of trusses of the best wood species spruce, pine, oak and ash. We have the most favorable price policy, as we are manufacturers and we work without intermediaries. Years of experience of qualified professionals, as well as the availability of the necessary modern, high-tech equipment, helps to complete a full cycle of services. Carefully handle timber with all the necessary compounds that prevent the occurrence of rot, providing long-term protection and other sawn rafters, the operation inside buildings and under a canopy.

Rafters processing is carried out with high-quality antiseptic, special impregnations, which penetrate deeply into the wood structure.

Professional treatment of rafters provides high efficiency of preventive measures, as well as the maximum probability of positive results in the fight against bug at all stages of their development.

We are ready to fulfill any order. High-quality processing, various species of wood, high-quality products and the best prices all this can be found here. To carry out the order can be in the “MED” company's managers.