The furniture from the solid wood

If the conditions required by the uniqueness, originality, and originality, the solid wood furniture is very handy. Despite the wide variety of models, designs, materials and modern furniture production technologies, the majority still aims to buy solid wood furniture. This is not surprising. Many people believe that the word array solves all problems: First, wooden furniture stands out with its environmental safety and the exquisite beauty of the natural texture, which creates a unique atmosphere in the room and a cozy atmosphere, refreshing air and the microclimate of housing. Secondly, this furniture is durable, durability and practicality.

Firm "Med" produces furniture from soft and hardwood in modern, automated, high-tech equipment. We sell furniture from solid wood for individual orders, a large assortment, offer modern design solutions, as well as classic models. The main advantage of solid wood furniture natural and naturalness. All made wooden furniture, made from natural wood high strength 100% solid wood (oak, ash, pine, linden). Therefore, wooden furniture from the company "Med" the manufacturer to be safe in all respects. In addition, some wood species have medicinal properties, in particular, pine furniture, wood which famous for its antiseptic properties.

If you want an individual approach - order furniture from solid wood according to your tastes, desires, fantasies, and financial capabilities. Woodshop firm "Med" offers production of any furniture on individual projects. Additional services offered by the application of high-quality wooden furniture on a variety of artistic elements, with the help of laser engraving, that effectively give your furniture a unique appearance, originality, and luxury. By necessity, we cover the surface of furniture a special, high-quality varnish. To carry out the order can be in the company's managers "Med".