Readymade arbors

Readymade arbors

The great aesthetic element of the garden, and a cozy outdoor recreation - all these combine ready gazebos that are fascinating for its diversity of choice.

Firm "Med" for those who value their time, offers - eco-friendly, high-quality ready-made gazebo made of wood. Fast, convenient and safe for the garden aesthetics.

Firm "Med" adheres to the favorable position of the client, such as:

  • strict quality control
  • loyal prices
  • offers individual project
  • use of modern technologies
  • use of environmentally friendly, reliable and durable materials.

We offer ready-made wooden arbors of different shapes and sizes, closed or open. Outdoor gazebo designed for fun and pleasure only in warm weather, but they allow you to be outdoors and enjoy all the pleasures of nature. Private gazebo used in both summer and winter - they effectively protect from the cold and wind. In closed pavilions of wood, at any time of the year, is in a positive atmosphere, thanks to the excellent microclimate, which creates a tree - it has a low thermal conductivity, so in such pavilions remain cool in summer and warm in the winter there. Thanks tree tonic effect on the human body, rest in wooden pavilions give strength and courage, a sense of harmony with nature.

Readymade arbors

Our specialists in the manufacture of wooden arbors use modern technology, high-quality treated wood various special funds, so ready gazebo from the company "MED" have such major features as - durability and fire resistance.

A finished gazebo made of wood is aesthetically beautiful, ecological and with nothing incomparable place to relax, which can be placed in the garden, in the yard or at the cottage. Wooden pergolas will be used in any landscape design.

Order the wooden pergola ready, addressing the managers of the company "MED" on these phone numbers on the site, and you will get a great corner, which will not only serve as an ornament to your site, but you will add vitality and positive attitude in the soul.