About the company

SPE firm "MED" was founded in 1994. The activities of the company began with the sale of music cassettes. The range of services was expanded a few years later, due to the implementation of video and gradually replenished audio and video accessories.

In 1998, the company "MED" has established production of plastics and polyethylene. In retail stores, the company offers a wide product range of own-produced goods. Since 2000, the company is constantly expanding the scope of activities and developing new promising areas. Today, the company provides services in the field of printing, manufacture of products from plastic and polyethylene, souvenirs, clothing industry, tourism sector, etc.

The firm "MED" is the professionalism gained over the years. One of the priorities of construction of houses from wood is the activity of the company. Experts of the company use the latest technology design and construction, to create a comfortable and modern cottages. We provide the following services and activities:

  • Construction of cottages, country houses, and houses, baths, small architectural structures (gazebos, alcoves)
  • The use of high-quality wood
  • Application of new technologies
  • Making the necessary technical documentation
  • Short deadlines and high-quality execution of work

The firm "MED" will execute the order on the individual, the unique projects, given all of your comments and suggestions. We also offer the service of construction of houses and cottages "turnkey". The company's specialists will conduct workflow control personally since the beginning of construction projects until its complete surrender.

The quality of the wood meets all the necessary requirements, is fireproof and is not subject to damage from a variety of tree pests. The firm "MED" guarantees the quality and reliability!

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