The doors for bath

The doors for bath

Saunas have a characteristic rich history and are in many ways and guides to age-old traditions in the modern age. One of the obligatory rituals before washing in the Russian bath was a low bow at the door to the room fresh. Inveterate bathhouse connects with the old legend, according to which after the completion of the construction in the bath to settle the evil spirit. During the hot steam washing chased him out of the steam room, but when the room cools, the spirit back to back. Our ancestors believed that together with the expulsion of the evil spirit is purified and the soul of the person who will taste bath. Not for nothing do they say: "Bath washes away all sins!" A ceremonious bow at the door to the sauna showed reverence for the healing steam.

Professional, modern builders disprove the legend and giving a nod interpret the fact that the door to the bath was small. In general, the height of the door and does not exceed one and a half meters, so a sign of respect - it is nothing like passing through a small doorway. Doors for baths at the time deliberately made in small dimensions, in order to prevent loss of heat and steam bath.

Bath doors made of natural wood considered the most reliable, durable and energy-intensive - they did not miss the hot air with the built-in frame special and high threshold. When installing the hollow wooden door to the sauna will certainly take into account the degree of its resistance to moisture.

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