The arbors of timber

The arbors of timber

Pavilions of timber can be an ideal vacation spot for you and your family. A fresh summer air, the smell of natural wood, the warm family atmosphere will make your stay comfortable and memorable.

According to tradition, during the warm season, people prefer to relax on summer residences, in country houses and villages. If you want to build a place for celebration and friendly feasts, you should think about building a gazebo from a bar.

For our customers, we can offer a variety of options arbors of timber. We offer a variety of modifications, the maximum capacity (according to customer's wishes) and interesting design options.

The arbors of timber are very convenient and practical. They do not require additional finishing, they do not need to be painted after a harsh winter or a prolonged rainy period. The construction of such a holiday item will allow you to plunge into the traditions of our ancestors and get healthier. After all, one can not deny the positive impact of wood on our health. We can offer you a gazebo and outdoor extension chalet in folk style. We can build a gazebo in the shade garden in the best traditions of Ukrainian art, as well as to build a modern building, designed for a large number of people.

If you want to build on the site of a gazebo bar with a large capacity, our designers and builders can offer the original decision. No vacation is complete without a campfire, barbecue, and baked potato. For this case, we can build a gazebo in a special place for barbecue. The smell of fresh wood, the crackling coals and barbecue flavors of spice to your holiday whatever the weather.

The arbors of timber

Pergolas of laminated veneer lumber

Depending on the customer's tastes and requests, we can build open or closed gazebos from a bar with a large roof in folk style. Building form can be octagonal, square, hexagonal, round, rectangular, oval. If your summer cottage constantly blowing the wind, you should think about a protected alcove where your guests will be warm and cozy. For areas with a warm climate, it is advisable to build an outdoor gazebo.

Our builders will share gazebo from a bar on the cooking zone (cooking) and a relaxation area. As your building will decorate the table and benches made of natural wood, made in folk style.

Pavilions from a bar you can decorate your site with a brick house. It will blend in perfectly with the wooden house or shaped timber. These gazebos are made for years cafes, kebab houses and places of collective recreation. The wood - durable material.Increases longevity proper treatment and competent installation.

On our site, you can see examples of the finished timber pavilions. If you want to use a different design in the construction, our specialists are ready to listen to offers and optimize them. Our work will surprise you with the quality and reasonable price. Your ideas and our ability to realize the most daring projects. Build with us and your dreams will come true!